Good news!

Starting with the November 2017 edition, The Conch website ( will be designed to support existing desktop computers and mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

The new format should not be confused with the existing PDF version of The Conch (still existing), because this new mobile-friendly incarnation will be based on the publishing platform Word Press. This new incarnation of The Conch will also be accessible on all other devices (including laptops and desktop computers!) The mobile-friendly Conch will be easy to read and navigate on all devices when compared to the existing PDF version. Nevertheless, back issues of The Conch will still use the PDF version, which will now also include the new ‘flipbook’ feature.

It has taken our online team many months to research and refine the new concept, and we are happy to announce that this new mobile-friendly site will launch in November 2017.

The new version will include audio and video embeds. Additionally, in the near future, articles will be viewable (and searchable) by topic, including sections for current and future community and temple events. And there will be many other new features. At the moment, the mobile-friendly version is still evolving, even though the online team will launch in November.

Your servant,
Mukunda Goswami